Privacy Policy

General knowledge

  The PAYTK system is critical to the security of customers' personal information and only uses the information provided by customers in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.  In order to use some of the PAYTK system services and reduce fraud and theft, our system requests you to keep two-step verification on your account.

   Account opened

  To open an electronic account on the PAYTK system, you must provide your first and last name, address, city and email address.  Also, you can open a business account, for which you need to provide documents about your company.

  Account security

  To extend the limit through the PAYTK system, you are not required to provide credit or debit card information (without any secret code) or information about your personal bank account.  We can also ask you to answer various questions to check the security of your account.  This information may be necessary for us to process your transaction, request a new password in case you forget or lose your password, to prevent fraud and theft from your account and to contact you.

  Also when we need to manage your account.  To protect against potential fraud and theft, we examine all information you provide.
 If you are a registered user of the PAYTK system, your name, email address, and account type may be displayed to other PAYTK system customers.

  Account transaction information

  When sending or receiving funds through the PAYTK payment system, we may ask you to provide information on each such transaction, including the total amount and username (sender).  All this information is stored  We also save all IP addresses used to log in to your account.  The goal of all these measures is to prevent fraud and theft.

  About traffic data

  If you are a registered user of the PAYTK system, your name, email address, and account type may be displayed to other system customers.  Your card and bank account numbers and other financial information will not be given to third parties, unless otherwise provided by law.

 Which is a small data file on your device, if you return to the site using the same device and browser, you will be recognized as a customer of our system.  So I send a session cookie to your device, so you don't have to re-enter your password even if you visit multiple pages.  After you sign out of the PAYTK system or close your browser, the cookie data session expires and has no effect.

  Information about third parties

  All information you provide, as described above, will not be disclosed by us to third parties without a formal request.  If you send or receive large payments through the PAYTK system, in some cases, we may additionally check your business (for business accounts only).

  The PAYTK system is not responsible for the consequences that occur when a customer discloses information about their account to the PAYTK system.  We also reserve the right to periodically, randomly, view reports of customer activity on the accounts and, if we find information that the account is related to fraud or theft, reserve the account.

  Customer service

  All your correspondence with the PAYTK system technicians is maintained in your account records.  This is done to monitor the quality of service we provide to our clients  Save this letter (information) also helps us to investigate fraud and theft.

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